Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pattern Love


Silk print top, pants, mock turtleneck: INC. Shoes: Nina. Belt: gifted.

A little print, a little color, and a little bling (i.e. the belt clasp!) – so many of my favorite things!  This shirt is quite loose and blousy, so I generally tuck it in to a pencil skirt or layer it under a dress – but I found out today that clearly a belt does the trick too!

A bold pattern, such as this top I am wearing, can sometimes overwhelm people.  Everyone is different, and it really depends on your features as well as the material, color, and size of the pattern you are wearing.

My tip to knowing how to work a bold print is to use a full length mirror –  look away, and then look back at yourself quickly.  What do you notice first?  Do you see yourself or do you only see your clothes?  If you only notice what you’re wearing, then the print is probably overkill for you.  If this is the case, try a smaller pattern, different color, or layer something over it (blazer, jean jacket, etc…) to break up the print.



Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tip (about looking away and back quickly to see if you see pattern or self first)! The belt really DOES the trick here! I like it.

suzydirl said...

Great tip! I just got a new patteren cardi and I'm not sure if it will be over-kill or not. I'll try your trick. Love the outfit today! Very sassy!


Totally Inspired said...

Very nice cardi, I think I will try to belt mine next time.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I always like how you add a pop of make good choices.

La Fée said...

lovely outfit!! I adore the belt :)