Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good bye tights


Green cardigan: Sarah Spencer.  Blue stripe ruffle blouse: Express.  Pleated skirt: Moda Int’l.  Tights: ??  Shoes: Chadwicks.  Purse: Nicole Miller.

Just a little bit of a layered look today + a little bit of pattern in the shirt and tights.  I was devastated when I got home and realized these tights had an enormous rip in them.  Thankfully it was not a visible tear,  but it will make the tights unwearable…    :(

I have quite a few pair of fun tights, but I really loved these…  Ah well – I gave them the proper moment of silence and buried them in my waste basket, no longer to be seen again.


Sarah said...

Great outfit!! Sorry about the tights, you'll have to get a new fun pair.

Healthy and Homemade said...

Booooo about the tights =( That's always such a bummer.

You look stunning, green is amazing on you.

QL girl said...

Don't throw them out! Can't you reuse them in some creative/crafty way? (I dunno...maybe not, I just hate throwing out things I loved...)

Carla said...

I love fun tights!!
Great outfit!

Rebecca said...

Your orange bag cheerfully picks up the intensity in the cardigan!

I was forced to lay a pair of tights to rest after church on Sunday. I share your sadness.

Corie said...

You always look so classic. I love the green cardi...and your tights are sooo cute. It's a shame there's a rip in them.

Elegance Personified said...

I love how even when you do polished and more business, work-attire, you still keep it chic & fun with all your colors, textures and in this case Fun tights, too. I love your tights. I was shopping today and I got 2 new pairs of tights from Ann Taylor Loft and I saw more amazing tights too @ the Limited which I plan on buying very soon, this week, actually. You came to my mind because I got some fun, incredible tights and some fun, colorful tops, all @ Loft. =)

P.S. When are you coming to MI so that we can shop together? LOL