Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Business Meeting

DSCF3847 DSCF3845

White ruffle top: NY & Co.  Red ruffle blouse: Macy’s.  Black pants: NY & Co.  Shoes: Nine West.

Big business meeting today – so I’m keeping with the business basics: black pants and pumps, crisp white oxford-ish top & bright cardigan.

Presenting a professional image and working hard = success!


Tina Mol said...

Hello, your outfit is lovely. Do you mind if I ask what type of business you do? I follow your blog & love your style; I was just curious what type of work you do. I hope that is not too personal. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

Wow! This caught my eye immediately! Nothing like a great white blouse. Made me think of the riddle: "What's black and white and red all over?"

eek said...

I love your professional yet stylish look - the ruffles are great!

Londyn said...

Tina Mol - sorry I am just getting to your question now!

I don't mind at all sharing what type of work I do (though I don't typically share where just for confidentiality reasons...). The short answer is that I work for a global food / bev company in Human Resources. The culture in our corporate office is business casual so I have a little flexibility in what I wear, but not a ton! :)

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog!

Elegance Personified said...

I love your last statement in this blog.

With that said I, Ada think, that every outfit and everything looks BETTER with a touch of red. In this case, your red works FOR YOU, in your cardigan, lips & fingernails. Plus, once again you have my most favorite trio color combo: Black, White & Red.