Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Inspiration

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Yay, it’s the weekend!!!  I just adore my weekends  :)  In addition to relaxing time, hot tea, bookstore visits, and cafe breakfasts, I also get to be a little be more playful with my wardrobe – what’s not to love about a weekend?!?! 

Today I wore another summer dress, but I added a sweater, durable tights, and leather boots to keep me warm.  I started with the 2 toned light belt (left) but didn’t like how it looked in pictures – I then had an epiphany that I had a detailed dark brown belt that would match my boots!  Much better.



I just happened to have purple-y pink gloves that matched my tights!  Fabulous winter closet find.

I love getting ideas from other fashionistas (thank you fellow bloggers!) – and particularly when they have the same or similar clothing items as I do.

Kasmira @ What I Wore Today recently wore these Rampage boots with the cuff pulled up instead of folded down.  It’s such a simple little change, but I loved the way it made the boots look from the back, so I was quick to imitate!  Thanks Kasmira  :)


Shoeperwoman said...

I really love this :) I bought a summer dress on sale a couple of weeks ago, with the intention of trying to "winter it up" so I can get some use out of it now (impatient!), so I'm taking notes here :)

Kathryn said...

I love the purple tights with this look. They add just the right touch of fabulousness.

Totally Inspired said...

I love that dress. The print is so cute. I just ordered an animal print dress, and I cant wait to wear it. Cute outfit!

ShyGirl said...

I love how you winterized the dress and the colors together are so beautiful!

DragonflyJen said...

I love the sweater and tights with this! I wore a similar zebra dress to work a few weeks ago, but wasn't loving it ( My next remix I'll need to try your ideas!

Vanessa M. said...


~Hurricane B~ said...

Smart Choice, I think that the dark brown belt is great looking. I would never have guess the boots were meant to be folded down. Looks good that way.

Kasmira said...

Oooh, I love the flipped up cuff! :D I discovered that styling on accident and I don't know if I'll ever turn mine down again.

I echo the others in admiring your color combo. The blue and purple are so rich and jewel-like together.

Brittany D'Lynne said...

You know, I've been searching for a zebra pencil skirt for a while now, and I see dresses everywhere. After this post, I'm thinking I should just buy the dress and layer it whenever I feel like making it a "skirt".