Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purple Pieces



Purple Blazer & Purple Pumps: H&M.  Brown Ruffle Blouse: Antilia Femme.  Skirt: NY & Co.

This is the 2nd day I went with a lighter color on my bottom half - which isn’t always represented as the most flattering for “hippy” women – but I think the first rule to flattering clothing is fit, so as long as the fit is right, then the rest should fall into place.

Yes, it’s admittedly my 3rd day of argyle tights…  I can’t help it – they keep me warm!  Maybe I’ll end up wearing an argyle design every day this week!  :)



Taylor said...

I don't think I would have ever done purple and brown together - until after seeing these pictures!

Bianca said...

Very pretty. And I think the argyle has been super cute each day!! :-)

daisychain said...

wow what a wonderful blazer, the colour is perfect.

Monique said...

LOVE that blazer! Gorgeous.

Bethany said...

I like the outfit, just not liking the heels.

mdawn854 said...

I really wish I was comfortable combining outfits like you do. I love the western type just not much for heels myself. I also love the passion for purple.