Monday, February 22, 2010

Grocery Rage


Yesterday I dropped off some clothes at Plato’s Closet.  While I waited for them to  tally up my clothing total, I browsed around and actually found 2 really cute dresses and a fabulous turquoise necklace!  This nautical style dress is one of my finds.

I was going to go with the navy, white, red nautical color theme (which I’m sure I’ll do soon), but my red belt wasn’t working with this so I went with gold, brown, and orange accents.  I think it worked!

Ok… so on to the GROCERY RAGE…

After meeting with a girlfriend for some fabulous lunch and girl gab time, I headed to the grocery store.

I LOVE looking through the gourmet sections of grocery stores.  I could seriously spend all day in a grocery store browsing through fancy cheeses, marinades, vinaigrettes, etc… However… I HATE being in a grocery store when it’s crowded.  I have very limited patience and I get very frustrated when people are pushy and in the way!  


  The grocery store stress was starting to get to me, as the bag boy overfilled 1 plastic bag with 12 cans and wasted another bag with a single lemon -- I seriously had to resist the urge to scream.  Thankfully, I was able to resist and made it out to the parking lot without incident. 

As I was walking to my car, a lady stopped me and said “I saw you in the store and you were so organized and efficient.  I was so jealous!  I was young once too!”  I laughed in my head because little did she know I was having a near meltdown screaming fit a few moments earlier!


Jacket: Chadwicks.  Boots: Giani Bini.  Belt: Thrifted.  Dress: Thrifted.  Ring: Forever XXI.  Tights: ?Target?


daisychain said...

Your outfit totally works. I actually think the gold belt stops it being *too* nautical

amyw said...

I can relate. I absolutely detest crowded aisles and the like. Oh, and I love the people that use one bag per item...

Rebecca said...

I really like the dress! I think you'll come up with all KINDS of ways to wear it. This one was great - I wouldn't have thought of it, but it works wonderfully!

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Everyone has that owl ring from Forever 21 and I'm so jealous!

I have the same GROCERY STORE RAGE that you describe. Unfortunately, there is one main grocery store here in a town of 100,000 that everyone goes to...and there is NEVER a "non busy" time. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I love your manicure! Can you share what color is on your nails? Thanks, Jen

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea said...

Gorgeous nail polish.

Hey, so I completely made over my blog. You should take a second look!! Thanks!
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{{I'm already a follower of your

Londyn said...

Thanks! The nail polish was O.P.I brand, but after 2 uses it got super gunky and it chipped very easily, so I threw it away.

I just bought a new Avon "Plum" polish which looks to be the exact same color and is supposed to chip less, so you may want to check that out!