Saturday, January 23, 2010

Business Basic



Super basic today – but I committed to showing you even the “non-fashiony” pics, so here I am!

Layered Sweater: Chadwicks.  Khakis: Kohls.  Boots: Aldo.

It was a not so good day at work today, but it is bound to get better as next week I will be in sunny San Diego California!  Ok – so the trip is for work, but still – I won’t complain! 

Typically our “destination meetings” still require business casual wear, but this meeting was deemed jeans-appropriate.  I’ll be brainstorming this weekend to figure out if I really want to go all jeans or not (I’m sure a few dresses are bound to travel with me).

I’ll be keeping you “posted”!  LOL, okay, really really bad joke.


Corie said...

San Diego is beautiful. I remember when, my last employer, had a company conference there....we stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado, and it was gorgeous. I know you'll enjoy yourself and be beautiful while doing so.

Anonymous said...

Showers & Thunderstorms predicted for Monday night through Wednesday. Pack according and check the forecast!

Bianca said...

Love the casual look.

Just take some jeans along as a back up plan. Particularly if its business travel, and you do not have to pay for extra bags out of pocket. :-)

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Honestly, one of the reasons I started reading your blog was for your "non-fashiony" posts. I feel like we have similar tastes, so its easy for me to be inspired by you. Thanks, Londyn!!

FashionAddict said...

I've been having not-so-good days at work lately, and I really hope it turns around this next week. I'll bet all that San Diego sunshine will make you feel much better :) What do you do, by the way?