Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Minute Prepping for New Year’s

I’m so excited for a new year to begin!  It reminds me to be optimistic, and challenges me to take a fresh look at my life.

While these “life musings” are a significant part of the new year, let us not forget another important new year ingredient…  the fashion!

In order to prep for a proper new year’s celebration (whether you’re staying in or going out!), here are a few of what I consider timeless recommendations:

1. Make sure you have good “foundation items”.  Get measured for a bra (or click here for online instructions).  Wear something luxurious and something that makes you feel fabulous (silk and lace anyone?).  And if you’re wearing a curve-hugging dress, make sure you’ve got a good slip to ensure static is kept away and remember, spanx are your best friend if you need a little smoothing action.

2. Treat yourself to a mani / pedi.  Sometimes I go to the salon and sometimes I beautify my nails myself – both options work and whichever is your preference, it always makes a difference to have clean shaped nails.  To embrace the brilliance of a new year, add sparkles or bright colors.  Also, gel nails are a great option as they are chip resistant, and not as damaging, permanent, or expensive as acrylic.

<em>OPI</em> Most Honorable Red NLJ12 (creme)Jessica Nail Polish Sass &... 

3. If you don’t want to spend the $$ for a new dress, spice up a current dress with some new accessories.

Charming Charlie’s has some great items to (as their website states) “bling in the new year!”:


4. Realize that New Year’s is a time to let loose, have fun, and embrace the future, NOT a time to think of regrets and losses of the year before.  Smile and have fun – if you’re doing this, then anything you’re wearing will look all the better.

Open-mouthed smile

Happy (early) New Year everyone!  Cheers! Martini glass

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas-y (post Christmas)

Dress: Chadwicks.  Print Tank: Forever XXI.  Belt: TJ Max?  Shoes: Quipid.  Bracelet: Forever XXI.

DSCF5517 DSCF5521

Is it too late to wear red and green?  This outfit would have been perfect for a Christmas party!  I love Christmas so much that I might be tempted to celebrate it all year long…

Did I mention that one of my fabulous Christmas gifts this year was having a dear friend of mine visit from out of town?  As if spending time with this wonderful woman wasn’t good enough - guess what was one of the things we did while she was here…? (drumroll…) We saw Harry Potter!  No more “Missing Harry” for me, and yes – 5th time really was a charm!


My fun details for this look consisted of a studded belt, a knotted silver bracelet, and sparkly gold nails (prepping for new years!).


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cozy purple tights

Skirt: Forever XXI.  Boots: Dolce Vita.  Top: Express.

DSCF5504 DSCF5509

DSCF5505 DSCF5514

Purple tights at work!  How much fun is that?  Also, I’m still adoring flat boots for winter.  I figure I’m giving my heels a nice vacation, so they’ll be ready for me come spring time 


As a way of embracing the lovely chill in the air, I’m watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay (cannoli!) and eating some delicious homemade butternut squash risotto while wrapped in a nice cozy blanket on my couch.  Now, who can’t enjoy a little snow like that?!?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tights, Color, oh – & Plaid!

Skirt: Chadwicks.  Blazer: Rampage.  Necklace: Macy’s.  Tights: ?.  Shoes: Jessica Simpson.

I love pretty tights and color, so this look had to make me smile.
Another reason for smiling?  I got new countertops!  Am I properly channeling Vanna White?
DSCF5517 DSCF5515

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas


Ah, Christmas.  I have waited all these 12 months for you, and now you have finally come and passed.  You brought me family, friends, food, laughter, and fabulous presents.  You also cost me some extra credit card payments and a few extra pounds I’m sure… but it's worth it!  ;) 

I plan on savoring the rest of my long weekend by playing my new Dance Central xbox game, reading my color nook, watching my new movies and sleeping in my luxurious Egyptian sheets.  Oh, and did I mention – eating Christmas cookies!?!

some of the food!
some of my loot!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I’m lovin’ it

DSCF5535 DSCF5538

I adore these cute little boots.  Cute, and comfy too!!



Every time I wear blue and red together, I realize (and blog to you about) how much I love the color combo!  Some of my other color combo faves are red, black, and white as well as green and pink.  What are your favorite color combos?

110cincy chic 2 - CopyS6301006


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Missing Harry


Ruffle Sweater: Simply Vera.  Tunic: ELLE.  Belt: NY & Co.  Jeans: Ann Taylor.  Boots: Aldo.

It was my forth, yes FORTH, time trying to see the new Harry Potter movie this weekend, and yet again something came up to stop my experience.  Seriously, is the universe revolting against me seeing this?!? 

While I’m not the stand-in-line for new books / movies fan, I am definitely an enthusiast for the HP books and have really enjoyed the movies as well.  I hope that theaters will continue to show this latest release for at least another week so I can try my luck again…  Fifth time’s a charm?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fitness Addendum

My Fitness Routine still remains pretty in tact.  I still incorporate fitness videos, basic weights, walking / running, and aerobics.

A couple things I’ve added to my routine are dance routine videos and fitness workouts for the x-box.  Fitness made fun!  My boyfriend and I do the x-box workouts together almost every day.  What better way to bond and stay healthy?  Love it.

Watch me go!  Can you see me on the TV?



I’m the orange figure in this picture.  I’m doing kickboxing!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Heels & Snow


I’m ready for the chill and the snow people!  Cincinnati has remained in its chilly state, so wool blend pants, layered tops, and a bright winter hat are in order.

It was my office Christmas party today, so I dressed with a pinch of red for the occasion.  I love a good holiday party with all the food and chatter, but next time, please remind me not to wear such heels…  My feet were aching by the time I was ready to go home.  Ouch!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Top: Express.  Belt: Target.  Skirt: The Limited.  Tights: Macy’s. 



DSCF5517 DSCF5505

Oh such sparkle!  Yes, you know I love my sparkle.  A little on the wrist and a little on the legs!  Okay, so I’m not actually wearing any real jewels today, but I have to say that I like my leg and wrist jewelry just as well (almost)!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Anne’s “puff sleeves”

Sweater: JCP.  Floral Applique Tank: Chadwicks.  Jeans: Gap. 
DSCF5488 DSCF5491
This may look like a typical work look for me, but it’s actually my weekend wear!  I was a machine on Saturday and spent 4 hours running errands…  good will donations, dry cleaners, post office, grocery store, etc… you know the drill.  While I have a tendency to get frustrated that my weekend sometimes seems just as filled with “work” as my work week, I really do feel good after getting so much accomplished and I know it was time well spent to get things in order for the upcoming week.
With the colder weather, jeans and a sweater were calling my name, so my little bit of special was the puffs on the cardigan sleeves (yes, I’m channeling Anne of Green Gables) and the flower detailing of the tank.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes you’ve got to splurge

Pants: Express Design Studios.  Ruffle Blouse: Antilia Femme.  Cardigan: JC Hook.  Shoes: Dollhouse.

DSCF5477 DSCF5475

DSCF5479 DSCF5480DSCF5482 DSCF5483DSCF5485

I’ve been doing so good on my eating lately, trying to stick with healthy homemade natural products, etc…  However, today suddenly the fast food bug struck.  Fast food is a rarity for me, but good old KFC was calling my name; I couldn’t resist.  To top it off, the man and I made cupcakes tonight (at least I know what ingredients went in those!). 

Other “splurges” for me – wearing my suede ruffle booties to work!  I think they worked great with a patterned pant and gave just the right amount of fun to an office professional look.  While my company may have gone a bit more relaxed in the corporate dress code, it’s still pretty conservative overall…  maybe in time we’ll keep evolving, but for now I’ll be happy for ruffle shoes.