Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeling Rose-y

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Cashmere Turtleneck: Moda Int’l.  Print Skirt: Forever XXI.  Tights: Nordstrom.  Suede Boots: Chadwicks.  Necklace: Lia Sophia.




This is my favorite weekend skirt.  I bought it thinking it would be work-wearable, but the length is not workable for business attire, so I’m making use of it as much as I can outside of the office.




I did a little car browsing this weekend– or should I say car dreaming…  Tell me this silver sweetheart isn’t calling my name…!



FashionAddict said...

Cute outfit. Man I just love those tights!!!

Kacie said...

I like it! Have you tried layering a skirt under this one (a la Audi of Fashion for Nerds) to make it work-appropriate?

Autumn Rose said...

I like the shorter skirt with the boots. Ooh La La!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Great skirt!

Shopaholic said...

Cool car! are you stroking it that pic? lol!

Gorgeous skirt, I'm looking for something similar to that. x

Chelsea said...

love this ensemble... especially the skirt and tights! you look just fabulous :)

Londyn said...

Kacie - thanks for the idea, but I think this skirt is too fitted to layer something under it... :(

Anon - I purchased these boots a year or two ago, so they are probably not listed anymore @ Maybe check Macy's or - ?

Shopaholic - lol, yep, I'm stroking the pretty car.. :)

K said...

You look great!

Elegance Personified said...

I'd call this BOLD SIMPLICITY. It's bold with the floral mini-skirt and polka-dot tights yet so simple with knee-high black boots and that simple and 'normal-colored' turtleneck.