Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Casual

 DSCF3547 DSCF3548


Casual looks this weekend with just a little sparkle or surprise in the shoes (of course!).  


I started out sweet with bows, and switched to a little more sassy with faded skinny jeans and bright white pumps.

S6304452DSCF3557 - Copy 

I wore my jeans & cardigan outfit (w/ white heels) while furniture shopping this weekend, and the shoes must have brought me good luck because I found beautiful bedroom furniture for a very good deal! It gets delivered next Saturday, and I’m so excited!


~Hurricane B~ said...

I like the studded pumps, aren't those Steve Maddens?? Oooh I love furniture shopping, imagining how it would look in your space. I am happy to hear that you scored a good deal.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the white heels with this look! Congrats on the new bedroom furniture!

Rachel said...

I love those studded shoes!!! Who are they by? I think I have to have them.

Beatrice said...

Haha, i did the jeans-and-tee for the weekend, too! I was so lazy I didn't even want to tuck in my tee and wear a belt. But I did not want to go out COMPLETELY schleppy, so I put on a basic pair of black pumps, and amped it all up by wearing my entire bangle,bracelet, and cuff collection (gold, silver, beaded, pearl, etc) on one arm, then topped it off with my big red "Frida Khalo" ring I picked up in Cozumel. I pulled off, got lots of compliments!

K said...

I love seeing more casual outfits. And I always love seeing your shoes! Those studded pumps are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Londyn, what kind of tights and shoes should I wear with a navy skirt? Nude fishnets? Whatcha think? It's for a corporate meeting. Thanks!

Londyn said...

Yes - the studded shoes are Steve Madden :)

Anonymous - Yes! Nude fishnets would be great with a navy skirt. They're nice because they give just a little texture and interest, but aren't too "notice me" for a corporate meeting. You could also do a black opaque tights with a small detail like polka dots or argile pattern.

Anonymous said...

I thought you stopped wearing white heels
after labor day?

Londyn said...

Stop wearing white after Labor Day?!?!? Those are Grandma's rules -- I make my own rules! And my #1 rule is to wear what I like and what looks good