Friday, November 13, 2009

Orange Shoes

Blogger Question:

I have those shoes and have yet to wear them! Can you give some more suggestions for these shoes?! I love them but can't decide what to wear with them.

Fashionista Answer:

I lurve these shoes and I think you can wear them with a ton of looks – they are a significant heel height, but are still pretty sturdy and comfortable which makes them an easy choice!

Don’t get nervous because of the color – you can still wear them with just about anything!  Patterns, colors, or just plain jeans & a tee shirt.  My favorite color parings with orange are brown and navy.

I like to wear these shoes with skinny jeans, skirts, and dresses because the t-strap really elongates the leg line.

Below are some outfits I’ve worn them with:

21 S6305459 DSC00563

Below are some outfits that I could have worn them with!

1 10 16 31

I hope this helps!  Happy orange shoe styling!


Kasmira said...

I love how you added the outfits you "should have" worn the shoes with. Very creative.

Kim6992 said...

Yes it does...thanks!

et said...

Just wanted to step in & say I have a pair of orange flats with a touch of hot pink in the decoration & I've found them extremely versatile. I've been pleasantly surprised how many outfits they work with (& I'm on the more conservative side usually).