Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Winter Wear


Red Sweater: Moda Int’l

Belt & Watch: Guess

Jeans: Banana Republic

Boots: Fioni











Faux Fur Vest: Forever XXI

Green Sweater: JC Pennys

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Aldo



This was my Saturday & Sunday weekend wear.  Looking at the pictures, I realize I was very Christmas-y in my red and green!

And I even had a bow around me like I was a nicely wrapped present!



Rachel said...

I love the fur vest and I am loving your hair color. What color of red is it?

Jennifer said...

OK I am loving that green shirt and vest girl!!

~Hurricane B~ said...

YOu are as pretty as a Christmas Present though...=)

SHOEGAL said...

I love both of these looks! I must dig out my red polo neck sweater.

Rachael said...

How is it that you look equally fabulous in every colour you wear? Love the furry vest!

Tanya said...

So nice! My fir-vest is still in the closet, the summer is not ready to go away. You look lovely.

Lorena said...

That vest was a great find.
F21 always has interesting items.

Julia said...

Stunning vest! I just picked up the weirdest fur-lined boots in an attempt to dress like a Viking, but you're looking chicer than I could ever. It must be your sleek hair :). You're an ace, lovely!


In Honor Of Design said...

Love your blog!
You have fabulous outfit choices. This faux fur vest actually makes me want to buy one!

Happy to follow your blog,
:) Anna

Elegance Personified said...

Both outfits are adorable and would be great & appropriate for December. Love the vest.