Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Dress

Pretty casual today – just running some weekend errands and going to get my hair trimmed.  I’ve been waiting for ages for an outfit to wear this necklace with, and the pops of yellow were perfect with the more muted blues in the overall look.
I also have a funky fish necklace and a colorful owl neck to hopefully wear soon.  Since I don’t have an animals of my own right now I guess this will have to do.
DSCF3154 DSCF3149
Dress: JC Pennys.   Necklace: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Gianni Bini.


Lorena said...

What a gorgeous necklace !

gina said...

I LOVE your necklace!!

Shopaholic said...

That necklace is amazing! how cute!!!! x

Tea For Two said...

Brilliant necklace, really sets the mood of the outfit.

~Hurricane B~ said...

That necklace just makes me smile. Such a happy lil piece. PLus the shoes...just grand.=)

Elegance Personified said...

Ohhhh what an eclectic unique necklace, I love it. And it looks great with those yellow flats.