Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Love


Checked Shirt: INC (Macys). Skirt: New York & Co. Boots: Dolce Vita.


Out the door with my fall coat & hat!


Earrings: Lane Bryant.


These boots are SO freaking comfortable. I felt like I was wearing slippers all day. LOVE LOVE them.

I went out to eat yesterday and got a fortune cookie that said a new romance would unexpectedly enter my life -- well, I think these boots are it! I just decided this week to finally embrace the flat boot craze. I’ve really liked them for a while, but I just wasn’t sure if they were my style or not.

I’ve tried some on before and they just looked like rain boots to me… so I never bought any – that is, until yesterday. I bought these great suede black pair with the buckles and I also bought a rich brown leather pair (look for pics soon!). I guess I just hadn’t found ones that suited me until now :)


Pauline said...

I have to say that flat boot can look very odd unless there snow or something , these do seam to work for you very well especially when you wering the coat

Penny said...

With the jacket and hat, the outfit really transforms into something else. This is such a great look for you!

Julia said...

Oh, Dolce Vita boots are the best. Yours are beautiful!


coleykat said...

In the shot from the back, it looks just a touch pirate (in a good way of course). I dig it very much.

Sal said...

Those boots are killer!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I love Lane Bryants jewelry.

bekster said...

I have been wanting flat boots because I find that I never bring myself to wear my heeled boots (though I DO wear heeled pumps and sandals... hmmm, odd). Also, the style around here (Charleston, SC) is pretty casual (much to my dismay), so I feel like I could get away with wearing a nice-ish dress in a non-dressy situation if I dress it down with flat boots.

Love the buckles.

Elegance Personified said...

Great boots, comfy n cute. Love them. I am a lot intoi flat boots myself for the last couple of years now. I bought a couple pairs in 2008 and a couple pairs last year.