Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kate Spade – Choose Your Favorite


I had a lot of fun mimicking the Kate Spade Fall collection!  I still have a few more looks I want to try, but in the meantime – I’d love to know what has been your favorite inspiration outfit thus far!



colorful legs and a black dress

mask 99

trench and detailed legs

Picture_1 DSCF3294DSCF3296

skinny jeans, crisp white top, and color jacket

pKSLCI1-6359327_kspr03_v275 41

yellow legs, black pleat skirt and print top

pKSLCI1-6359471_kspr02_v275 15

business attire and red accents

pKSLCI1-6359471_kspr03_v275 96

Vote for your favorite!


Penny said...

Yellow legs and red accents!

Rachel said...

trench and detailed legs--LOVE!!!

FromAbroad said...

Yellow legs! Such a fun and colourful way of dressing in a still formal/sober way.

Bianca said...

My favs were the first and last. Red Belt and Shoes and the PLum tights! That was alot of fun - and you did a great job! :-)

Lauren said...

this was such a great idea! my favorite is definitely the last one - i love the red accents!


Becca. said...

love love love the outfit with the yellow tights.
great blog! :)

Courtnee said...

what a fun idea:)i love the look with the yellow legs!

Audrey said...

Business attire!

Tanya said...

My fave is business with red, and I like your version better.

fashion1psychology said...

Businesses attire and red accents.. I think that is my fav of all of them.. You always look so Fabulous I love it!!


Julia said...

Yellow legs, but I like yours better than the original photo. The color is unexpected and looks great on you!


(I added you to my link list on my blog). :)

Kel Ward Photography said...

You did a great job! My favorites were the skinny jeans and then the yellow tights.

Amy said...

All of these are so wonderful! You did a perfect job mimicking Kate Spade's collection. My fav is the last one-I love that red belt!



Anonymous said...

I surprise myself by actually loving the skinny jeans, white top and pink sweater best! Very cute.

Vix said...

Tie between plum tights/patterned jacket and blue jacket/red shoes!

FashionAddict said...

My favorite is the tweed pencil skirt/jacket/red belt combo. It's just fabulous.

Elegance Personified said...

My fave are the 2nd & 5th look. Both look very polishd, pretty & girly.