Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blazer 5 Ways

I was challenges ages ago to wear a blazer 5 ways.  I chose this printed blazer, because it would be the hardest to pair things with, but ended up completely forgetting about the challenge – so never posted any results!

Well – the results are in!  (I went back through my posts and realized I had worn it 5 different ways without even realizing it…!) Since all my outfits below are work outfits, they are pretty classic combinations, but will hopefully still interesting!

I paired it mainly with neutral solids, except for the gray pencil skirt which is pinstriped.

 89 90 88

I wore the blazer with 2 skirts (black & gray above) and over 1 dress (khaki above).  I had a bit of fun with the shoes and tights, making them a bit more noticeable since the top was more conservative.


I also wore the blazer with black trouser jeans (left) and with gray slacks (right).  I liked the contrast of the bright white with the darker color pattern, so wore a white top with it twice.  Both white tops had ruffle detailing, and on the jeans pic I accessorized with a raspberry color belt.

Featured Blazer: Michael Kors


The Thrifty Stylist said...

great blazer, as i think i've said before? all of these looks are gorgeous but i'm particularly coveting the ruffly cobalt kehhole blouse.

Penny said...

The blazer is just so beautiful with it's watercolor print and all. I have to say, my favorite one is with the light colored pretty...bravo!

Elegance Personified said...

Pretty little royal blue floral blazer you got. I, too, love it best with the romantic, pastel dress. I also like it with the ruffled white blouse, both options, tucked in or untucked (with the drk jeans.)

Unknown said... beautifull blazer...i like it..

Fashion Online said...

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Fashion Online said...

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Sophia Van said...

You look stunning in the blazer. It looks really nice!