Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pattern Kaleidoscope

I'm SO happy it's the weekend - so I decide to go pattern crazy. I used my comfy t-shirt dress as the bold eye catching pattern and then added plaid and braided patterns that were more muted and nuetral.

For color (and comfort!) I brought my wine color Steve Madden ballet flats and my suede purse.

Today I went shopping at the new Nordstom that just opened. I also did some browsing at furniture stores for new bedroom furniture, did some jogging outside, and actually got to do some reading -- it was fabulous!

For those of you who haven't guess it -- I'm a bit of a workaholic and perfectionist. These tendencies lead me to spend much more time of my life stressed out than I would care to spend. --And I've decided to make a change.

I know I will always have to put in a lot of time for work, but I hope that reprioritizing things in my life and setting some goals for myself outside of work will help me balance my happy time with my work time.

Here are a couple of my goals:

1. Set aside more time each week for my family and friends

2. Have at least 1 special outing per week with my boyfriend (we're already really good at setting this time aside - but I still want to keep it on the list!)

3. Take additional Spanish courses to become more fluent

4. Cook 3 new meals each week (this week - Carne Asada, Mediterranean Orzo Spinach Salad, & Chicken Marbella)

5. Get back into my exercise routine (3-4 workouts a week at least)

6. Tackle 1 home project a week

7. Read at least 2 new books a month (join a book club?)

Wish me luck!


Jessica said...

This post made me laugh because i've been thinking the same thing. I need to make a priorities list. I think I might steal a few of your ideas for myself.

Delightfully Tacky said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I too was pleased to see that they were normal girls. I'm not really sure if any sickly stick thin girls live up here, but nevertheless it was great to see the clothes on normal people.

Lorena said...

Liked the pattern+plaid, unusual, unexpected..
My fave look is with the red shoes :)
Good luck on accomplishing your new goals.

Lorena said...

Hi Londyn I have left an award for you :)
I am terrible with blogspot, but while I master it, you can pick it up here:

~Hurricane B~ said...

I think that sounds great, you have to have balance for yourself. Work to live, not live to work. GOod luck with your goals.

SAHSHA said...

How are you doing with your reading goal? Have you checked out I love it!!