Monday, September 21, 2009

Pattern Dress

Dress: Thrift. Shoes: Nine West. Earrings: Macy's. Bracelet: New York & Co.

This vintage thrifted dress is SO comfortable (and was a steal @ $12!). I am always looking for ways to cinch the waist since it is a little boxy, and this cropped sweater did just the trick! I kept it just a little matchy with the purple shoes and purple sweater. I figure it won't be warm enough for open toe shoes for too much longer, so I'm taking advantage of it while I still can!

I often hear people say they are afraid of patterns. The best way to get over that fear is to start with a small pattern like this dress or a small print blouse and pair it with a solid jacket. Small patterns work as neutrals, so you can easily mix and match them with other clothing items. Once small patterns have been mastered -- it's time to tackle bold prints!


Bianca said...

Love the pattern on the dress, and the purple cardigan over it. Very pretty.

Rachael said...

That dress is such a find! Looks great with the cardi. One of my fave looks!

eednic said...

what a lovely dress! i like that you also pulled your hair up. it reflects that vintage nostalgia thing you've got going on in this outfit.

Shopaholic said...

Beautiful dress.
I like your updo too, haven't seen you with your hair up much... x