Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogger Templates

Having some issues dealing with templates.... losing links.... not fun.

Has anyone had luck working with free blogger templates? I found a couple that I liked, but I wasn't able to edit them and I lost some of my set up...

Any tips are appreciated!


Bambola said...

Make sure you save your blog layout before you change it.

To keep your links to other blogs I would advise using the Google Reader (I'm assuming you have Gmail - if not, you should, it's awesome). That way when you're setting them up you can just "Import from Google Reader".

If you're a little tech savvy - you might be able to edit the HTML code. I created my blog from the plain white Blogger layout, so if you need specific information, let me know.

If you want, you can change your login password & I can have a look for you. Send me an email if you need anything =) xxx Good luck!

Bianca said...

My only tip is to always back up the template (by dl and storing on computer) every time I make changes. That has saved me a few times.

Other than that I don't really have any tips, I just use one of the generic templates, and I made my own header to give the page a little more personality. LOL But I will be reading to see what people say! :-)

SHOEGAL said...

If in doubt, save your template first before you start changing things, like it says to on the edit HTML page!

If you're trying to make the columns wider etc, there's only certain free blogger templates you can do that on. The one I have is one of them and I'm really liking using it.

FB @ said...

The best ones I've worked with are 1024px (very clear and easy) or ones that aren't too customized to the max.

Check out how I updated my old blogger blog

I am now on Wordpress however, and I just wrote Part 1 on how I moved. Part 2 is coming up tomorrow.

Under Blogging you will find a lot of Mashable and that 1024 Andreas template I was telling you about.

Good luck.

katie said...

She has such cute templates, installs them, and they're really cheap! Only $25!

It's worth the headache of trying to do it yourself... promise!

Cherish said...

Yes, mine's from Pyzam. I went to to ask questions. They answer right away almost, and are VERY helpful for css/html ignorant folks (such as myself).

Shopaholic said...

I have looked at some but never been brave enough to try them!

Londyn said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to try a few more things this weekend.

The ironic thing is that I actually saved my entire blog before making the template changes, but when I went back to the original file that I saved there where errors in the set up and all my blog links disappreared.

Thank goodness for the option to "follow" blogs so I can still find most of the blogs I had links to.

Anonymous said...

I found an old cached site in Google. Maybe this will help you recreate some of the links.