Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New York Experience

I'm back from my 1st trip to NY and it was fantastic.  I had such a fabulous time - Broadway, shopping, site seeing, people watching, fabulous dining, etc....  it's hard to be back but I’m happy for the time away from the typical routine and normal work grind.

Part of the fun of people watching was of course to see the differences in New York fashion.  The most obvious difference I noticed was what New Yorkers did NOT wear – jeans, shorts, flip flops, or tennis shoes.  It was only tourists who were wearing these items.

The items that were most commonly worn by NY fashionistas were very very short dresses, funky flat sandals, and long long hair.




WendyB said...

" NY fashionistas were very very short dresses, funky flat sandals, and long long hair." -- LOL -- I don't notice any of this. You're probably right, maybe it needs fresh eyes to see it. Or maybe it's just not in my 'hood.

Jess said...

Glad you had a good time! I'm surprised there was no denim seen- denim can be perfectly hip! NYC is the best for people watching- people just seem to put in more effort as a whole.

Londyn said...

Wendy -

I spent the majority of my time in the downtown area, so that might have been why the certain look -- in that area at least that look was very prevalent! It was like watching clones! LOL. I felt a bit out of place.

Cents in the City said...

New Yorkers wear jeans, but mostly they will be dark, skinny jeans...especially if you are downtown where you'll even see guys wearing them. I work in the trendy area of Soho across the street from Marc Jacobs' studio, so I see plenty of fashonistas every day. Trust me they wear jeans too! The past 2 weeks or so have been extremely hot in NYC, so that would be why you saw a lot of dresses. This is just not denim weather, unless it is in the form of a skirt or shorts.

e said...

lol - it's so funny you mentioned flip flops my friend and I were just talking about that. Apparently you can't wear flips bc your feet will get too dirty, something about needing the strap so they stay on your feet. I have no clue, we don't walk anywhere here.