Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to Work




Okay – not exactly New York style, but it’s my style none the less!

I love the outline the black and hot pink make, and I added some texture with the gray linen pants and patent purple peep toes.

Cardigan: Apt 9.  Black Tank: Style & Co.  Pants: Alfani.  Shoes: Nine West.  Earrings: NY boutique.


gina said...

I like those pants!

Bianca said...

Beautiful! I love the combo of the pink with the trousers. Beautiful.

eveange66 said...

Hi !
Glad you're back from your trip and that you actually enjoyed it a lot!
Regarding the differences between NY fashion's and the one of your area (by the way I just don't know where you're from) kind of remind me the difference between the fashion worn (well well I do not like this word in this place) within Paris and the VERY close suburbs and, say, the rest of France. Of course there are differences but also people in big cities have not the same interests or, to be honest, the same wages and amount of money to spend on fashion.
But anyway, from what you wote in your note, does that mean than some americans are wearing flip flop or shorts a lot ? Well shorts can be quite elegant depending the way they are worn and which lentgh and fabric is used, but flip flop... Indeed that is no fashion at all for me, and I should say rather for most of french women, although some tend to wear some in the city (even at work ouch).
Thank you for your clues on americans fashion, it is very enlighting.
Have a nice day.

Terence Sambo said...

love ur cardi and peep toes :o]

splash0306 said...

The only reason you did not see tennis sneakers on people in NYC is because we don't wear "tennis shoes" but we do wear "sneakers". lol