Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Are What You Wear

Plum Silky Blouse: New York & Co. Black Vest: Volia. Navy Slacks: New York & Co. Black Heels w/ Buckle: Nine West.

I had a really fun purple dress, pink lace cardigan, and purple shoes picked out for today, but I remembered last minute that I had a meeting with some of our senior management and I wasn't sure that I wanted to show up in bubble gum colors. . .

Though this outfit wasn't as fun for me, it still showed some individuality and I was able to feel confident and correctly attired for the day.


Sher said...

I know, in the corporate world one must dress in dark manly colors to be taken seriously.

You look sharp and kept your femininity with that pretty blouse. Lovely!

~Hurricane B~ said...

That color of shirt remind me of sherbet. Rasberry shorbet.

It looks great and I like rasberry shorbet, so not a bad thing.

GingerSnap said...

You look great, I love the vest you are wearing! I have wanted to try one of those, but I am too chicken to! :)

Bambola said...

GORGEOUS outfit!! I love the colours

Bambola x