Friday, July 24, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS.............

Jason (the proud husband):

Jason said...
"I hope you do not mind a male chiming in, but I would love to have the chance to offer this to my wife. I am so proud of her for just recently losing her one hundredth pound and she has become the clothes "junkie" she once used to be. As hard as she has worked to get this, she would be grateful for the opportunity!"

--Oh my goodness, you guys made this choice so hard for me! I wish I could have named every single person a winner (I had a "top 5" selected that was so hard to choose between!), but alas I can only choose one.

Congratulations Jason! I think it is so kind and thoughtful that requested this for your wife. It sounds like she has done a lot of work to get where she is today and I am happy to have you and/or her choose something from the fabulous MINK PINK designer line for her to enjoy.

Please view my profile and email me contact details and the item and size of the MINK PINK piece your wife would like.

Thank you all for submitting comments / requests! I hope I am able to do this again, and remember to keep checking out chickdowntown.