Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 Days and Counting

Sheer Purple Ruffle Top: New York & Co. Black Pinstripe Vest: Deb. Gray Linen Slacks: INC. Black Peeps: BCBG. Belt: Gifted. Black Leather Studded Purse: Nine West.

Lordy Lordy - just look at those ruffles! I swear, I didn't even plan it. I was looking through my closet and randomly asked by boyfriend, "What should I wear?". He answered, "pants - gray". When I asked what color shirt, he said "purple" -- and so here I am!

Little gold accents -- Gold heels and gold studs. A little bling is always a good thing.


Jessica said...

This outfit is AWESOME! Purple is a great color on just about everyone and way you've paired it with the rest of the outfit is just lovely.

Beatrice said...

Great color combo with a gray neutral. And I adore the shoes!

Sher said...

Beautiful outfit! Isn't it great to have someone to help make decisions LOL!

Milly said...

great belt!