Thursday, April 16, 2009

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I currently go to college and I find that everyone is wearing baggy, old workout clothes all the time- which I've never got into it but with the stress of school I feel like I could slip into that very easily. So needless to say I try to get inspiration from magazines and you. :) So thank you for your postings!

I love that you wear high heeled shoes but I can't imagine doing that myself because of how much I walk at school. Do you walk a lot during the day in your heels? Do you have any tips for making heels an everyday option? I find that my heels hurt after a few hours with dress socks on. Thanks for the help!


Thanks for writing! I have to admit that when I was going to college, I was much more casually dressed than I am now.

Instead of standard high heels -- I recommend cute ballet flats, wedge sandals, and boots for stylish but comfortable footwear.

For those die hard heel-wearing girls, I find that tights do help some, and I also wear thin socks when I wear boots with high heels. I've also tried different shoe cushions in my shoes that can help some.

The most important thing to be sure of when buying shoes is that they fit. If they are too big, too small, too narrow, or too wide -- it just won't work! Ask a store attendant to help you if you're not sure what your proper fit should be.

Unfortunately, most heels will start to hurt after a certain amount of time spent walking. I don't walk a ton at work, so I am typically okay with heels -- however, I often take them off under my desk and when walking to and from the bus stop I almost always wear flats.

Good luck!

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mysterycreature said...

Good advcie - I wear heels at work, but find wearing them for walking is an impossibilty. The solutions you offered are exactly what I tend to do!