Monday, February 2, 2009

Shopping Heaven

Silk Print Blouse: INC. Pants: Worthington. Black Pointy Flats: Guess.

Most people (including me) typically add a pop of color in the shoe, but today I decided to add some color in a basic red belt. I think I might try this top with a black pencil skirt and larger red belt next time, but this was good for a first try.

I have to take a moment to gush about my fabulous shopping spree this weekend. . . I had $40 in gift certificates to Macy's and a 20% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I dragged my mother out with me and had a fabulous afternoon of shopping.

I ended up with a new winter coat, the blouse shown above, silk leopard pjs, a royal blue heavy button up sweater, a beautiful black cardigan/shawl, purple fishnet tights, and brown stockings for less than $45. I added up what all of the original prices were, and it totalled about $450!!! I am still delirious with delight :)


Sheila said...

Awesome bargain shopping, Londyn!

I really like the pop of red with the belt. Classy as always!

Cat said...

Score! That is one heckuva shopping spree.

Milly said...

nice blouse!

Mama Jean Is Here Now said...

I love your blog!
Congrats on the excellent shopping spree!