Monday, February 2, 2009


Pink Polka Dot Cardigan: Cherokee. Orange Tank: Express. Jeans: Express. Belt: Express. Purple Loafers: SODA. Earrings: The Buckle.

Yikes, I guess Sunday was Express day! Almost all of my pieces are from there! I normally wouldn't post this outfit as it is so basic, but I just had to show off my colorful earrings and my fun purple loafers :)


Vorilee said...

I like that you posted a basic outfit! It shows the more casual side of you!

Ricky said...

You look great. I love the fact that you don`t wear socks, but again, isn't it too cold for going sockless every time you wear pants?
anyway it looks great and go for it

Londyn said...

Ricky -

I wear either socks and tennis shoes or socks and boots into work every day and then change into my pumps once I arrive. I find it is warm enough in the office to do so!