Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pattern on Pattern

I feel like I've been writing a lot about patterns this week, so I figured I'd just write about it some more!

One of the things I hear people say they struggle with most often if figuring how to mix patterns.

General tips and tricks: 1) Mix smaller patterns with larger patterns. A smaller pattern will work as a neutral. 2) Stay in the same color family with your top and bottom, or another similarly complimentary color. -- That's it!

Above is a structured top with a purple pinstripe that would be beautiful tucked in to a bolder patterned and more colorful skirt.

Next we show the opposite of the first outfit -- a more basic color scheme, a structured herringbone pencil skirt, and a flowy larger patterned blouse. Perfection.

Finally, here are several bolder tops with pinstripe or plaid bottoms in complimentary colors.

Have fun mixing and matching!

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