Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello Hello

I am back from a wonderful warm climate to the many many inches of Cincinnati snow.

I was looking at my post below and realized that I didn't wear any of those outfits exactly as planned -- for instance, I switched from yellow shoes to purple with the gray suit, and wore my kelly green cardigan with the white pants and printed top instead of the white blazer, etc. There were many more fun outfits (I think I had about 2-3 per day!), but unfortunately no pics.

Hopefully I will drag my butt out of the house tomorrow and will begin to have more looks to share.


eednic said...

i must say i absolutely love your style and am writing down ideas as i glance through your blog here! i found your blog because it was linked through "what i wore today"'s blog.

Fashion Addict said...

Oh wow, 2-3 outfits per day sounds like so much fun, I love changing outfits, but I never really find the time! lol