Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chilly Willy

Wine Silk Shirt: New York & Co. Blue V-neck Sweater: Express. Gray Pants: Style & Co. Gray Pumps: Nicole Miller.

The weather is cold and wet here in good old Cincinnati. It's so hard for me to dress in this weather because all I feel like wearing is cords, a big sweater, and my comfy boots. I am, however, still forcing myself to try and keep up some style even in this crap weather, so hopefully this is a little better than a bulky sweater and cords!


WendyB said...

Love that vivid blue!

WendeeB said...

You're amazing. Our cold front came through last night and I'm FREEZING down here and it's only 70 degrees. I can just imagine how frigid you must be up there. Anyway, totally great outfit. Love the pink silky/satiny shirt. Different shoes, maybe. Only cause I know you have so many great ones to chose from :)

Katie said...

London, let's face it. You look gorgeous in anything!


Chris said...

Me too. I have lofty goals to wear pretty skirts, shiny shoes, and all that jazz. Then I see the weather reports and hear the wind outside (not to mention all that snow and ice) and I just chicken out. I think the better term is I "laze" out. But I'm getting better. Trying, anyhow.

I love that blue on you, too. And the shoes look very shiny and cute. But then again, I know you have an awesome shoe collection, so I would be surprised by anything less! :)