Monday, December 8, 2008

Mix & Match

Cranberry Blazer: Nine West. Navy Blouse: Forever 21. Plaid Pants: Willi Smith. Brown Croc Heels: Newport News. Gold Leaf & Jewel Bracelet: Lia Sophia.

For some reason I felt very festive today. Maybe it was the shimmery shirt or the gold accents. . . Whatever it was, it put me in a good mood!

This cranberry jacket is actually one piece of a skirt suit set. -- With they chilly weather lately, I was not up to wearing the skirt, but was pleased with how the blazer worked with my plaid brown pants. Always mix and match! It is the best way to expand a wardrobe!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

Yes, indeed—best way to expand!

I love those shirts with the ties and the collar. I remember when they were in in the 80s. (yeah, i'm that old.)

Funny enough, right before they came back in recently, I was at a second-hand store, where I saw a few of those (from the 80s). Although they were a couple of sizes too big, I thought, "How cute would these look under a fitted jacket or a cardigan or something?"

So I got all three. I never wore them, because I just wasn't sure. Then, last summer/fall, I noticed they were everywhere! In magazines especially. I finally pulled them out and started wearing them. I also bought a few new ones—and these, I was able to get in my size so that I didn't have to wear them underneath something.

As usual, cute outfit you have one here!

Hillary said...

I love the colors! Very cute and festive :-)

SHOEGAL said...

I love the blue/red combination.

budget chic said...

Lovin the blazer! Nice choice, that color looks great on you!

kittyscreations said...

Great combination of colors and textures! I especially love the layering of the blazer and blouse.

Kim said...

I wanted to mix & match today too and ended up with black, white, navy and gray. For me, that's saying a lot.
Yes I do dress drab, how'd you guess!

Milly said...

love the color combo and the bracelet

Kasmira said...

Love the colors and the sheen! Festive, indeed.