Monday, December 8, 2008

High Waist

Black Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Shirt: Banana Republic. Gray High Waist Pants: Express. Black Boots: Fioni. Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace.

Hate them or love them - yes, here are my wide leg, high waist pants! They definitely aren't everyone's taste, but I like the fact that they are not just a typical fitting pair of pants. High waist cinched pants are also good for showing off a woman's waist as is comes in at the smallest part and requires that the shirt be tucked in.

Today was just a day of browsing the flee market, so nothing too fancy -- just my statement pants and a cotton tee.

I must have a "thing" with wearing these pants with black -- seems to be my pattern. See Here.


FromAbroad said...

ADORE the high-waisted pants. It's a very 1930's/40's look evoking images of Katharine Hepburn. And that's a good thing. Love your blog!

Leslie said...

I could never pull these off but I think they look really great on you!

Hillary said...

I have always loved the high waist look. I agree with FromAbroad...classic Katherine Hepburn. So glad they're back in. You look great in them.

budget chic said...

I like those wide leg pants. I need a pair myself but I know they will be too long on me and it will be a nightmare to hem myself or pay someone to do it!

Milly said...

they look great on you!!...i love wide leg pants which i have a few but the high waist on me doesnt look good :(

Katie said...

You def. can pull these off - but you gotta have a tiny waist. They look fab on you!