Monday, December 22, 2008

Fashion Donation

Black Button Up: Banana Republic. Cream Knit Sweater: Express. Black Pants: Apostrophe. Black Boots: Fioni.

This classic black top was given to me by a fellow blogger. She contacted me and let me know that she had some clothing items that were no longer of use to her, and - would I like to have them? Of course!

If there are any other fashionista bloggers who would like to donate your fashion-y items, I am always accepting! ;)


Sheila said...

This classic black and white looks amazing on you!

I'm always cleaning out my closet, but I'm pretty sure I'm a lot shorter than you. :)

Leslie said...

Love this look! I always layer black over white but never the opposite. It looks so classy and chic!

Fabulously Broke said...

Wait. What did I write? Damn. I shouldn't have so many windows open.

I was going to post that you look incredible and have amazing taste, but I may have written about potatoes and how much I love them.

Sorry. If I wrote about potatoes.

Anywhoo.. thanks for favouriting me on your blog list *heart* I am going to add you to my reader and keep you in mind for future clothing donations :D

Secret Admirer said...

Wow!! I love your hair! What if you wore the top and sweater with the black skirt and boots that you wore yesterday? :)

Cat said...

I was happy to see this post, because I am always looking for creative ways to wear the many (too many) button-up shirts in my closet. The black shirt peaking out is a nice twist on the classic white shirt under sweater.