Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Best

White Button Up: Newport News. Gray Skirt: Moda Int'l. Shoes: Naturalizer.

I found these shoes for $19.99 at TJ Maxx last week. I have never owned (and never expected to own) a pair of Naturalizers, but now I do! Naturalizers are, in my view, a more conservative and matronly brand, but I guess they have a few gems! I really like the silver detailing on the toe.


Sheila said...

Never say never! I have had a few pairs of Naturalizers over the years and they can be very cute (not to mention comfy!). I also like the Aerosoles brand.

Anonymous said...

Wow! One of your best looks yet!

mbbored said...

I always swore against Naturalizers, because I associate them with my mother. Then I found a pair of adorable black peep toed slingback pumps that are so comfortable to walk around in. I'm still counting it as a fluke.

a cat of impossible colour said...

That skirt is lovely! I like the ribbon detail.

Anonymous said...


How lucky you are to have found a pair of comfortable, cute shoes. I like your new red replacement shoes a lot and have a similar pair in gray ombre, but they have only been worn once because the 3 inch heels are too uncomfortable.

I don't know how you survive a work day with higher heels, but I hope these Naturalizers are as comfy as they claim to be and that they last you a long time. It's shoes like these that I go out and try to hunt down a second pair for back-up.


Marlee said...

Fabulous outfit..! These Naturalizer shoes are looking gorgeous.