Monday, November 3, 2008

Standing Out in a Crowd

Pink Trench: Apostrophe. 1/2 Wrap Dress: Faith Passion. Purple Shoes: Nine West.

I was in the elevator today with 5 other business people --I look around and see everyone around me in either black, white, or gray; then I look at myself in my hot pink trench, zebra print dress, purple shoes, and red bag -- and I think to myself..... I think I stand out.... LOL!


Mervat said...

Love your colour combo's. You have alot of colour in this outfit, but somehow they work well with the zebra print dress!

Sheila said...

Love it! The pink trench is to die for (I have a royal purple one).

Be proud of your colours!

Anonymous said...

The purple works amazingly well with the purple trench. I'm sorry I passed up on a purple coat last year. =(

As always, you look great.

Katie said...

The pink coat is so diva-licious! Very trendy... I think I may have worn the "Barbie" pink heels... but still a really cute outfit!

budget chic said...

That purple trend is fire!! So chic! I need one in my life like now! (lol)