Friday, November 28, 2008

Pink and Purple Day

Purple/Blue Tunic Top: Rose Bud. White Sheer Ruffle Top: Thrifted. Belt: Gifted. Jeans: Old Navy. Black Ankle Boots: Diba.

Shirt and Belt Detail Pic

I ended up changing my shoes to my purple MaxStudio Peep Toes. I just can't help that I love colored shoes, and I figure I only have so much time left that I can wear open toes - so I better take advantage of it!


Monique said...

I'm in love with that belt!! This is an adorable outfit, dear!

Jamie said...

Okay, I want that white ruffle top badly. It is fabulous!

Mykeru said...

How on earth do you organize all these clothes?

Also, I'm sure your dry cleaners love you more than we do. Well, almost.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

love love love this outfit!!

it's so something i would wear!

thanks for stopping by ShoeLove!

now i shall keep browsing through your delightful little blog.

Chi-Chi said...

dis is so nice
love d blue dress

Katie said...

This outfit is so colorful! I love it! It's super fun!


Londyn said...

Mykeru - have you seen "My Closet" post?? That would answer the organization question! I do admit that I organize my clothes by item (pants, skirts, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc.) and color.

And yes, my drycleaner - and alteration lady! - loves me :)

Mykeru said...


I did finally get around to looking at your "My Closet" post. I don't know if the appropriate response is admiration for your organization or wonder if maybe, just maybe, you might go off like Imelda Marcos one day.

Honestly, I've never owned more than a half dozen pairs of shoes at one time in my life.

Suffice to say, "Cleopatra" was on AMC the other night and when I looked it up on the Internet Movie Data Base and came across this bit of trivia, "Elizabeth Taylor had 65 costume changes for this film, a record for a motion picture. The figure is exceeded by Joan Collins, who had 85 costume changes in the TV miniseries "Sins"", I thought of you.

The significance you attach to that should be considered a compliment.