Saturday, November 22, 2008

Face Framing

Turquoise Tie Neck Blouse: Neu Look. Cream Sweater: Express.
Jeans: Wassimo. Wine Croc Shoes: Charles David.

I am still trying to figure out if cream is a good color on me. Since I am not quite convinced yet; adding color around my face convinces me of a color compliment.


Anonymous said...

I love your hair color! Natural or do you dye it? What brand and color?

Sheila said...

Cream is a good neutral on pretty much anyone, but if you find it too stark, you're definitely headed in the right direction by putting some colour near your face.

Great shade of turquoise! That's a very nice shade on you.

Londyn said...

The last coloring on my hair was done professionally, however I am a fan of Feria haircolor for box dye.