Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Workin Girl

Dress: Vintage. Red Belt: Xhilaration. Shoes: Nine West.

I have been so overwhelmed at work, that there is little to no time to blog. It is almost 9:00pm and I know that I still have much to do before the night is done.
At least now that I am at home I am back in comfy clothes -- sorry to disappoint you other fashionistas, but the at home pic would merely show sweats and a husband-beater tank top. --Back to work I go!


Secret Admirer said...

Yeah, but sweats and a husband-beater tank top can be sexy!! :)

Sheila said...

You poor thing. I hope things ease up at work soon.

Ha, I hang around the house in baggy-ass jeans and a giant brown sweater coat. My husband says I look like a bag lady.

Anonymous said...

Those are some HOT shoes, Londyn, but also very classy in the neutral color. Love them!

Good luck wrapping up with all of your projects at work this week and hope you have a chance to rest up and recuperate this weekend!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i love vintage.
you did it just right, here!

the post about looking like celebrities was interesting. you are quite lucky to be told that you look like any of them--especially Jessica Alba! my husband loves her!

it's funny, 'cause in most of these pictures, i think you look a lot like me and my twin sister--especially when we were that age. we are 37 now, so we don't look quite that young, but still young enough. but we have a similar body build and coloring and facial shape as you.

your blog is fun. it exudes confidence without being conceited. you don't take yourself too seriously, and you seem to have fun with clothes--that's just how i am. your taste in clothes is very similar to my sis and me, too. i have never met anyone so into clothes as my sis and i. but i think you give us a run for our money. :)

we both see our wardrobe choices as a creative outlet and form of expression. people always comment that we never wear the same thing twice. i take that as a compliment. that would be like a painter painting the same painting over and over. so, i like to be told that i never wear the same thing twice--even if they meant it as a snide remark that i have too many clothes.

we are also the best bargain finders. we get told all the time that we are snazzy dressers. :)

i have even had many people say i should be a personal shopper or ask me if i would come with them shopping, because i always know what to pick out.

anyway, you got a good thing, here. keep it up. it's very enjoyable! if i had your guts, i would do a blog like this too. :)

i'll be back for sure.

Elegance Personified said...

I love this vintage looking dress with the red patent belt. =)