Monday, July 21, 2008

Running Behind

Blue Ruffle Top: Moda International. Tan Cropped Pants: New York & Co. Brown Croc Heels: Newport News. Purse: Etienne Ainger.

It is only Monday and I am already exhausted! I had a hectic day at work and now have to pack for a business trip to CA in which I leave early early tomorrow morning (back on Friday!).

Thank goodness I came home and my man made some scrumptious dinner because I don't think I could barely lift a finger -- did I mention I still have notes to cover and training materials to study tonight......? What a day.... I should probably stop blogging...!


Say said...

Cute outfits even when you're running behind!

Cherish said...

You know, in the last post you really look ALOT like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm sure you get that alot!

April said...

Nonsense, there is always time and energy to blog!

Love those pumps.