Monday, July 21, 2008

Guy Advice

Reader Question:

I'd really like to know what you like to see guys wearing. I'm 41, live in Seattle, work as a middle management type, dress code is business casual, any advice?
I actually tend to have two “types” of guy looks or styles that catch my eye, and ironically they happen to be polar opposites.

#1: The Professional. Clean cut, well groomed, polished, and clearly takes care of himself. The look generally consists of button ups, pressed dress pants, and a polished shoe.

#2: The Thug. Cocked hat, graphic hoodie, diamond earrings, jeans slug low, a stylish shoe, and a walk with an attitude.

Now, why in the world do I think both of these “types” are intriguing? They both have certain qualities that draw an eye and an interest to them. My favorite look is when these two opposites merge to become one phenomenal looking man. How to combine? Here are the qualities in each worth keeping –

Keep the professional clean cut look, but give it an edge. Swap a plain white button up for a button up with a graphic design. Swap a pain loafer for a slick stylish shoe with detailing. Swap basic blue jeans for worn denim with funky stitching. Drop the trench coat for a light weight motorcycle style jacket. Finally, always keep those jeans buckled above the butt, the hems below the ankle, and a smile on your face!

I realize that not all of these ideas or pics will work for "41, middle management", but hopefully this helps give some big picture ideas for wardrobe inspiration!


Sick Tight said...

OK. I got one good thing going for me, I already combined the two styles you like, or shall I say what you like to see guys wear. What else do you like guys to have??,... or wear....??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I definitely fall more towards the clean cut professional type, but I like to keep it simple. I dont think that 'classic' looks ever really go out of style. Ive gotten away from the sportcoat look, I forgot that I liked that. But theres nothing like cleanly pressed dress pants and polished shoes, nothing in this world makes me feel better. -S.A.

April said...

I should show my husband this blog. I buy more clothes for him than I do for myself. Great body and no clue how to cover it, bless his sweet heart. I lay out his clothes for him *hiding my head in shame*