Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camera Blues

I have the camera blues tonight! :( I took my usual morning pictures, but tonight when I went to download them onto my computer I keep getting a "file error" on my camera. I think my memory card has gone bad and I am horribly upset! Plus I had the cutest outfit on today that I will not be able to share with you... Hopefully will get it fixed soon or will have to force myself to spend the money to get a new one....ugh.


Ally said...

Oh no! I'm still looking for just the right camera since mine was stolen. I'm getting tired of cell phone pics!!

Fashion in the Sky said...

Ugh, I feel your pain! I'm getting a new camera within in the next few days, (BTW - Ally, I recommend the Kodak C613/C713/C813!) and I've been trying to make-do with my parent's old digital camera...definately a no-go! :(

BTW, you can get a 2G memory card at WalMart for around $15! (Can you tell I've been researching lately?!)