Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shimmer and Shine

Blue High Neck Top: New York & Co. Black Sparkly Tie Top: Charlotte Russe. Black Pants: New York & Co. Wine Colored Heels: Charles David.

I was in the mood to sparkle a bit today! I had a hell of a time working with the ties of my tops, but in the end it all worked out. It may be hard to tell, but my blue top has a tie around the neck - which was just a bit too much with the bow tie of the black shirt. I had to figure out a way to hide the tie of the blue shirt, so I finally figured out a way to wrap it once around and tied it in the back - finito!

Close-up of tops.


E said...

Thanks for the link love! You're totally on my list. I love the collarbone peeking out from those shirts--so sexy, yet modest. Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty eyes! And a nice rear bumper too! :)

SHOEGAL said...

You look fab, the blue really suits you.

Sick Tight said...


Kira Fashion said...

great shoes and colors,
a kiss!

Anonymous said...

this is nice.. did u wear that to work? i'de think its a bit too shiney..and revealing since it focuses on the boobs and your exposed neck... but i love it! i'de wear it without the black top tho...the blue top looks really good =)