Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sexy Salsa

This was my work dress and my salsa dress today. I wore it with little flats to work and changed into some killer heels for dinner, drinks, and dancing after work. It was such a fabulous night and I was sorry to see it end.


Sick Tight said...

i need to learn how to dance the salsa. :P

Leslie said...

Oh this dress is fabulous and looks great on you! Great way to figure out how to wear something this sassy to work and salsa dancing too!

lifeaccordingtob said...

Annndd love the shoes! (just saw the post - Shoes are a girls best friend)

1) Do you keep the shoe boxes?
2) When you move how do you pack them?
3) Do you give all your shoes the same amount of wear?
4) Are any of your shoes really tight / hurt your feet, how do you make them more comfy?

Thanks :)

Lil' Puch said...

Fantastic dress!!

budget chic said...

Love this dress on you, you look so pretty (as always)!