Monday, May 19, 2008

Silky Silky Now

Red Silk Shirt: Express. Brown and Bronze Belt: Thrift. Beige Pants: New York & Co. Leopard Heels: Guess. Black Purse: faux Coach. Leopard Scarf Purse Accent: Thrift.

I must be in a PJ mood because this silk shirt made me feel like I could jump into bed at any moment. Unfortunately, I had to go to work instead. Ah well!

I find this shirt a bit hard to wear as it really doesn't have much structure. I typically wear it under a suit jacket, but it worked out okay cinched in by a belt as well.


KT said...

Great look!

Anonymous said...

that's a cute scarf and an even cuter way to add it to ur outfit. i once tied a SHAWL to the handle of my huge duffle bag kinda thing. it was a disaster. haha. but ur look's cute. and it matches your shoes too! 10 points for u!

jillian said...

that belt is a great find! it rocks!

is your coach purse real? i don't think it is, and i can tell by the seams. no biggie, though! it still looks nice! and if it is real, then my eyes have deceived me. i don't have any purses that expensive myself!

Londyn said...

you caught me - it's faux!

Elegance Personified said...

I love that shirt, A great look with the tans & browns and the pops of leopard print.