Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drama Day

Button Up Shirt: Express. Vest: Antonio Mellani. Jeans: Gap. Brown Pumps with Purple Flower: Ana Bonllla.

Friday has finally arrived! I decided to drive to work today instead of taking the bus, so that I could leave if work let out early for the holiday weekend. I always forget how hectic traffic is driving downtown until I actually do it -- yikes, it is crazy! I hate that the bus takes so much longer than driving, but I love not having the stress of morning and evening rush hours!

Other drama this morning included trying on a total of 3 different outfits before finding one that worked. I don't know what was going on, but I had some definite faux pas before I finally got to this ensemble! I think it may be time to weed out my closet and get rid of some things. . .


KT said...

Vests are always flattering on you.

Anonymous said...

With your style sense, I don't think you could make a fashion faux pas! :-)

(The spelling 'faux pas' is used for singular and plural) :-)