Thursday, April 3, 2008

Triple Threat

Cardigan: Star City. Detailed Tank: Old Navy. Skirt: Sunny Leigh. Shoes: Fioni.

It is my 3rd day in a row wearing either a skirt or a dress. I never plan things like that; it just happens upon me. I have always really likee skirts and dresses, but I am almost to the point of loving them so much now that I would almost wear them every day. I notice that skirts and dresses are not that common in the workplace, though I find them very work appropriate and fun. I really like showing that I can be an assertive business woman and still keep my feminine side.


scott said...

You look so pretty in that outfit it's ridiculous. You remind me so much of a teacher I had when I was a senior in high school. The thing I remember the most was on the last day of school a freshman who I had picked on all year pulled my shorts all the way down to the floor right in front of her and the rest of the class. Oh man was it embarrassing.

Elegance Personified said...

I agree. I am a skirt and dresses girl too. And even-though pants look great on you and make your long legs look even longer, you look BELLISSIMA in skirts & dresses. Plus for girly girls like you & I that's best.. ;-) Love this skirt, btw.