Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sporting Heels

Salmon Button Up Shirt: Banana Republic. Plaid Pencil Skirt: Moda Int'l. Brown Croc Heels: Newport News.

I have had these shoes for at least a month and haven't worn them out yet because they are a bit bit tight and my toes get a bit squishy! I decided just to risk it today, and I think it paid off because I was able to make it through the day without much discomfort at all. I'm not saying I would wear them grocery shopping, but for a work day were I am mainly sitting or for a nice date night they are a good choice!


KT said...

LOVE the heels!

SHOEGAL said...

I have shoes like that that are a bit snug on me. I wear them anyway, just have to plan them into a day with not much walking, like you did.

kate said...

Love the shoes, but the skirt and vest is a little to matchy matchy for me.

Elegance Personified said...

Beautiful outfit, at first glance the skirt and the vest look like a suit but they are not, right? I like how the pinkish shirt picks up the pinks in the rest of the outfit. ;-)

Leona Williams said...

the skirt and the vest share too much similarity between one another.
those are some good looking shoes.

on another note: thy beautiful rump is well and profound through that skirt......!