Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ready Freddy

Argile Sweater: Izod. Plaid (brown with pink stripes) Pants: City Streets. Shoes: Zappos.

The forecast is rain today, so I must prepare myself! I switch my "routine of the week" up by wearing pants, and then dug out my beloved trench and my trusty umbrella. I am as ready as I will ever be! The only thing I am missing is rain boots -- I have yet to get a pair! Instead, I wear my tennis shoes to work and change to my heels when I arrive.

Fushia Trench: Apostrophe.


Kimberly said...

You are so cute! I adore your shoe collection. Also, the Fuchsia Trench is TDF!

Angela said...

I love that trench coat. Do you buy shoes online often? I am too afraid that they might hurt my feet if I can't try them on first, especially pointy shoes. :) Have you had any trouble?

Londyn said...

Overall, I've had pretty good luck with online shoe shopping, but I am more cautious with them b/c they may be uncomfy if too high, too tight or narrow, etc.

The best way to online shoe shop is to purchase at someplace like Zappos where you can return without a fee, or to find a certain brand that works well for you and stick with that.

SHOEGAL said...

Love the coat!

Polly said...

Love that hot pink trench!