Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shoes are a Girl's Best Friend

So as you all should know by now - I am a shoe lover! I have many basic colored shoes such as black and brown, but my all time favorite shoes are my brightly colored and patterned shoes. Here are pics of some of them for you to enjoy as well!

I am a firm believer that you should not have to wear shoes that "match" your outfit. Shoes just have to compliment the color and look of the outfit. Above are some pictures of different ways that I have worn some of my colored and patterned shoes without matching the outfit.

What do you think? Do you like colored shoes? If so - how do you like to wear them?

15 comments: - Street style & romance in Paris said...


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SHOEGAL said...

I love my bright coloured shoes and I am a little envious of your collection! I like to match mine to my outfits usually but sometimes the pop of colour with a black suit or grey outfit is fun too.

Tim & Tamara said...

I'm trying to start breaking out more colored heels, especially now that spring is on the way! I feel like I've just worn boots, boots, and more boots all winter. I don't quite have the collection to match yours, but I'm working on it. :)

Also, I LOVE the new do! It REALLY modernizes you! You look very chic and the dark color is just super flattering and shiny. Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I just love colored shoes - they can just make an outfit!

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear!

i love all of them, i love shoes too and i try to have always a great new pair to use :)

a kiss and a hug,
love that post!


Trudi said...

i too just discovered this blog...LOVE IT!!!'
I have tons of clothes(not as many as you..ha) but lots and have no idea how to put thing together like you do...thanks for the inspiration.
Going to try to put outfits together, wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

I really, really do want to add more colorful shoes to my outfits...the evidence lies in my closet: I have silver strappy mules, red patent strappy wedge sandals, grey patent open toe slingback stilettos and fuschia peeptoe pumps, yet I have yet to wear any of these shoes...and I bought the red ones over a year ago!
I'm just not sure how to incorporate them into outfits but with some great inspiration from your blog, I'll be working on it.

About the new do, I think the old cut was great: modern but rocker style. This new one is great too, but in a different way - still modern but this one is more sophisticated, chic. Both were/are great, just different. Did the change in color take some getting used to?


atelier said...

I have the same statement/problem (as you want to consider it), shoes matching with an outfit. I love shoes!!

Hanna said...

You have one great shoe collection! I especially love the bubblegum pink ones and the burgundy pointies. I'm, too, addicted to colourful shoes and I'm a firm believer that shoes should not match. I love clashing coloured shoes with an outfit that does not have a matching colour. Although sometimes it's nice to wear matching footwear to lengthen the legs, but a contrasting colour is so much more interesting!

Anonymous said...

how tall are you? I'm 5"7 I love heels but hardly ever wear them as I feel too tall!

Londyn said...

I'm 5"8. The taller the better! Just view yourself as a gorgeous runway model and you will have no problem standing tall.

WundaLucy said...

Gorgeous shoes! I'm s jealous!
I have a few pairs of gorgeous heels but my feet are problematic (one is 1.5 sizes bigger than the other!) so it is difficult to find pretty shoes which fit. I do have some awesome coloured boots though!

Anonymous said...

londyn - took your advice and wore some killer heels today, felt so sexy and when every eye was on me I didn't feel it was because I looked so tall! Just wish my man was abit taller!


~B~ said...

I know this is incredible old. BUT since I just found your blog last week I feel it is okay to post on an oldie. First off, I love your closet, I love your shoe collection, I have my clothes all color cordinated in their own sections, like shirts, camis, jeans etc. I will take a picture of my closet as I get the final touches. Since Europeans do not have closets. I had turned a WHOLE ROOM into a closet let me tell you I am having some fun!!!=)

I agree 200% on not having them match completly. I like to mix up the patterns but have the same color or do ones that just complement the outfit. I have been blogging for awhile but just started my own seperate shoe & acessories type one.

Ps. The one comment about the peg board for necklaces that is great. BUT my tip is to do the lil hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond. I have the ones that look like a bust of an old fashioned corset with a hook...that way you can pick a theme or something. ANyways great shoe collection again to bad you are not a size 9 1/2 to a 10. Oh and one more thing I agree with the height. I am 5'9 and a half. I still wear 4-5 inch heels. =)

Happy Posting


Elegance Personified said...

I love your shoe collection, especially your fun bright shoes - which I love myself to pair with my outfits. Shoes should compliment an outfit's color, not necessarily match to a tee. LOL