Monday, March 31, 2008

Out Damn Spot!

Black Dress: Cami. Purple Peep Toes: Max Studio.

What is that spot in this picture? Is there a ghost in my house??? Okay - my camera probably just needs a good cleaning but ya never know!

It's Monday morning and I am doing some training sessions so I just kept it really simple with a black dress and some colored heels


WendyB said...

Call Ghostbusters!

Anonymous said...

Your sleek and shiny hair just adds to the sophistication of the "little black dress." Very professional and classy with a punch of personality and pizazz from the shoes. L

fashion evolution said...

Your LBD is so flattering on you. I love it!

On a unrelated note, do you love your haircut? I had planned on getting straight cut bangs like yours, but my stylist talked me out of it. Now I'm in need of a touch up and was wondering what you liked and didn't like about your hair.

Londyn said...

Fashion Evolution - I really do like my haircut but I also think it has a lot to do with face shape and what works for each person. I wonder why your stylist talked you out of it???

Bad things: 1) bangs grow out super fast so they need to be trimmed reguarly. 2)they are easily messed up and need constant fixing (I now keep a mini comb in my purse).

Good things: they are unique and fun! they also would be a cover for any blemishes or wrinkles (not that we have any....!)

Elegance Personified said...

You look great as usual. Love the simplicity & beauty of this classy LBD which can go from work at daytime to a dinner date at nighttime. =) Love the shoes you wore with this.